Christoval Playland Park

Lodgings on the Concho

Our Story

I'v loved every minute of the journey

An Idea is Born

Hello and welcome to our page! I am Robyn Marie Luedtke owner of Christoval Playland Park.  My heart and soul is in Christoval, Texas where my grandparents Lena and Antonio Galan were among the first settlers.  My grandfather a rock mason;  built many of the rock homes in and around Christoval including our home place, in fact the "Boat House" in Christoval Park was one of his creations and also it is where my parents first met.
I attended and graduated from Christoval High School in 1973.  It goes without saying as a young girl I have the best memories of my life in Christoval and at the Park with my family.  When the opportunity came to purchase these properties it came with the best and heartfelt intentions of making it the Christoval Park as I knew it from my youth and for my Grandparents who gave me the gift of these beautiful memories
My goal is for everyone who stays comes away with the feeling of the Christoval Park as a beautiful, quite little place to have fun, relaxation and be your choice for a weekend or for awhile.

What sets us apart

The best answer would be my love and my history of Christoval, Texas.  I can only say that I have tried to recreate the simple, clean and family friendly atmosphere that Christoval Park was and is.. lush trees, quiet, a beautiful rolling Concho river and Texas friendly.  Please consider Christoval Playland Park for your next stay on the Concho River.

This picture is for all those who remember swinging off  "the Rope"

Lena and Antonio Galan

My mother, Marie Galan Barnes is the Property Manager  for Christoval Playland Park; she was born, raised and married in Christoval, Texas and absolutely the best hostess anyone could ask for.  She does and will make your stay with us the best possible! 
The picture to your right is my mom (Marie)  at Christoval Park 1958 ! I cant believe I found this gem!